What is ACT?

ACT is a type of therapy and coaching, which is short for Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. It is pronounced ‘act’ (as in action) and involves taking action on your life to re-focus on living by your values, embracing your life and getting out of your head.
ACT is based on science behind human learning, behavior and cognition. It takes values, increased contact with the present moment, and mindfulness practice to help us create change. It works with a wide range of personal issues and seeks to normalize regular aspects of the human experience (which are often turned into a diagnosis). Examples of this are worry, fear or sadness.
ACT results in increased well-being, flexibility and as a result a reduction of the ‘symptoms’ one may have been experiencing.
ACT flew under the radar for several decades, as developers Dr. Steven C. Hayes and colleagues gathered significant scientific backing for the approach. As of today, there exists much empirical research behind this approach, and it is recognized as evidence-based practice for many types of issues.
As a practitioner, I take the science behind what I do seriously. However, what I love about ACT is how it helps us develop compassion (for ourselves and others), live our lives by our values, and slows down the complicated process of what it is to be human.

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